How I Menu Plan + Weekly Menu Plan 2/8

weekly menu plan

Today, in addition to our weekly menu plan,I thought I would share with you how I menu plan. I’ve been menu planning for over 20 years and to be honest it’s not my favorite thing I have to do.

Every week I struggle with what to come up with. One would think as a food blogger that I would have a list of recipes to try and I do, but I still struggle with deciding what to have on what night. The struggle is real, people. I’m sure you all can relate.

Several years ago I stumbled upon The Food Nanny and her first cookbook. In it she discusses how she menu plans and how she grocery shops every two weeks. I’ve tried grocery shopping once every two weeks and I’m not a fan. It’s just too much planning and food to put away. But, I did love her idea for theme nights. Mine are slightly different than hers, instead of Italian or Mexican night I have a chicken night and a meatless night. I feel like that gives me a bit more freedom.

A couple of years I stopped doing themed nights due to some life changes, but for the last couple of months I’ve been back at it. I had forgotten how much easier it makes menu planning.

Below is my theme nights –

Monday – Meatless Monday. This can be salads, pasta, breakfast. Anything, but meat.

Tuesday – Chicken. I will either make something tried and true from my blog or make something new.

Wednesday – Seafood. We eat Salmon, shrimp or Tilapia. Even Tuna gets included in this night.

Thursday – Pork/Beef/Turkey. Basically any other meat than chicken. We don’t eat a lot of red meat so beef isn’t picked often for Thursday night. I tend to save that for the weekends.

Friday – Pizza or Out to dinner. We like to go out to dinner often on Friday nights, but sometimes we want to stay in. If I’m staying in on Friday night then I like to have pizza. Either homemade or frozen. What can I say? I like an easy dinner on Friday nights.

Saturday – Grilled or Comfort Food. If the weather is nice then my husband will grill burgers or chicken. Sometimes I’ll make a pot roast, a casserole or something that takes longer to cook than what I would make during the week.

Sunday – Anything goes. Sunday for us is a day of relaxation. It’s all about fun on this day. No laundry, work, housework and sometimes that includes lots of appetizers or leftovers for dinner. Once in awhile I’m in the mood to make a big dinner. A lot depends on what we are going to be doing for the day and what we’ve been eating throughout the week.

A note about leftovers – we eat most of our leftovers for lunch vs eating them again the next night.

So…that’s how I plan my meals each week. Let me know  how you menu plan.

Now for this weeks ideas for dinner…

Sunday – One Pot Green Chile Mac n Cheese 

one pot green chile mac n cheese 2

Monday – Pomegranate Poppy Seed Salad 


pomegranate popp yseed salad

Tuesday – Salsa Chicken 

salsa chicken

Wednesday – Lemon and Caper Tilapia for 2 

lemon and caper tilapia for 2

Thursday – Balsamic Glazed Pork Chops 

balsamic glazed pork chops 2

Friday –  Turkey Pepperoni Pizza 

turkey pepperoni pizza

Saturday – Garlic Chicken Pasta 

garlic chicken pasta






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