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apothecary chest

Today’s post is a bit different than the usual…ok, a lot different. One of my New Year’s resolution is to become more organized.  To help me stay on track I’ve decided I’m going to document my successes on this blog. Hopefully, that will keep me going and help inspire you to get organized too.

My first big task was to organize all my dvd’s. I wanted something that will allow me to grow my collection and be pretty. I found this stylish apothecary chest at Bed, Bath and Beyond and knew it would be a perfect fit.

It has nine drawers, and I’ve filled up six of them, leaving me lots of room to grow. I alphabatized the dvds into each drawer. I started with A in the upper left drawer and worked my way to the right filling each drawer.

organized dvds

Other options for organizing dvd’s include –

  • baskets
  • armoire’s
  • media centers
  • Ikea has cute dvd boxes

The options are endless in how creative you can be in organizing your dvds. Now I need to come up with a system for my cd’s.





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