What’s for Dinner? #9

What's for Dinner? #9

Happy Monday! It’s that time of week where we need to figure out what to feed our families for dinner.

So…What’s for dinner?

Below is a list of dinner ideas for you. No more wondering at 5 o’clock what you are fixing for dinner. I have a great list put together for you.

Monday – I’m trying a new recipe, Pulled Pork Mac n Cheese. I’m using my Pulled Pork recipe and this Macaroni and Cheese recipe.

Tuesday – I’m making my Chicken Taco Soup, but I’m leaving out the chicken and adding in three different kinds of beans. I’m also going to make my Easy Cornbread.

Wednesday – Husband is making dinner and he’s making his Tuna Melts.

Thursday – I am going to make Pioneer Woman’s Shrimp Scampi.

Friday – We are going to have pizza. I’m making Thai Chicken Pizza. It’s a new recipe so no photos. If it’s good I will be sharing here soon.

Side DishCorn Caprese Salad

DessertCaramel Peach Dumplings

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