4 Steps to Irresistibly Soft Legs

4 steps to irresistibly smooth legsWho doesn’t love soft, irresistible legs? I know I do. Below are 4 steps on how I accomplish this feat. I don’t follow these steps every time I shave my legs, but I do it at least once a week. This process is really great for days when you will be wearing a short skirt or shorts. They will look really soft and smooth. Perfection!

1. Soak your skin with warm water. You can do this either in the shower or tub. Don’t shave your legs the minute you get into the water. Allow the warm water to soften the hair follicles allowing for a closer shave.

2. Use a body scrub. Apply a body scrub to your legs and gently rub the mixture over your legs. Focus on the areas around your knees and ankles. I love this Pink Almond Candy scrub from Philosophy. I purchased it during last years holiday season. Sadly, it’s no longer available. I’m going to be very sad when I run out of this. If you use a body scrub and love it, please let me know in the comments what you recommend.

3. Shaving. Once you’ve rinsed off the body scrub apply a nice thicker layer of shaving cream to your legs and shave against the follicle. I’ve been testing a few different shaving creams and this one from Pure Silk is the one I’m currently using. It’s good, but so far not my favorite.

4. Moisturize. After drying off your legs apply a nice thick layer of moisturizer. I love, love, love this Bare Body Milk by Julep. It’s emollient and has a soft clean fragrance. Like clean laundry. I’m also a fan that it absorbs quickly and doesn’t get on my clothes.

That’s it, 4 simple steps that will leave your legs feeling super soft.





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  1. I love this! I’ve never thought about using a body scrub first. I use the Eos shaving cream (the same brand as the lip balm balls) and absolutely love it. The vanilla scent is nice. Where can I find the Julep moisturizer?

    • I’ve been wanting to try the EOS shaving cream. It’s on my list once I finish my current stash of shaving cream. I get the Julep moisturizer online at julep.com.

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