Weekly Menu Plan – September 29th – October 5th

weekly menu plan


Hello! I’m back! I feel like I’ve been gone forever even though it’s only been a couple of weeks. The wedding went perfectly and I hope to share pictures and details soon.

For now, let’s plan our week worth of dishes. I haven’t cooked in close to a month and am looking forward to getting back into the kitchen this week.

Monday –

enchilada pasta

I made this delicious Enchilada Pasta for Real Housemoms

Tuesday –



Wednesday –

Parmesan Ranch Pork Chops

Parmesan Ranch Pork Chops

Thursday –

Foil Baked Salmon

Foil Baked Salmon

Friday –

pizza margherita

Pizza Margherita

Saturday –

jalapeno mac n cheese bites

Jalapeno Mac-n-Cheese Bites

Sunday –

perfect roast chicken

Perfect Roast Chicken



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