6 Awesome YouTube Beauty Gurus

6 awesome youtube beauty gurus

I love watching beauty videos on YouTube. I learn a lot about techniques and what products are good or not and why. My favorite time of day is to watch them right before bedtime on my iPad. Very relaxing and inspirational.

Today I thought I would share  my 6 favorite YouTubers. I subscribe to a ton, but I narrowed it down to these 6. I never miss new videos of these ladies. Love them tons. These are in no particular order.

emilynoel83. Emily is such a fun and knowledgeable beauty guru. She’s a former newscaster so she has an amazing speaking ability and explains things very well. She’s got a couple of channels. One that is more reviews of products and the other is combination of tutorials, reviews and lately some pregnancy updates. If you are looking to find out which products to buy check her site first to get her impressions. She doesn’t steer you wrong.

MakeupByTiffanyD. I love Tiffany for her tutorials. She does beautiful makeup looks especially eye makeup. I haven’t quite mastered her expert touch, but I’ve come a long way after watching many of her videos. She also talks a bit about fashion, purses and lots of product reviews.

CasstheSouthernBelle. I feel honored to say that Cassie is my friend and a great expert on makeup. I love to watch her product reviews, she gives great explanations of why she likes something. I have gone to her for advice when I have makeup and skincare questions. She hasn’t steered me wrong! Look for an upcoming guest post from her this month. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for you.

Jaclyn Hill. Jaclyn is a professional makeup artist and does some great makeup tutorials. Some are a little bit out there as far as the everyday look, but she gives great tips that can be applied to any look. She is pretty hilarious too and does bloopers in the beginning or the end of her videos.

Essiebutton. Essie has such a darling and likeable personality. It’s a joy to watch her. She is also pretty funny. Her makeup look is more natural and I like that for everyday looks. She also has a vlog that is pretty dang hilarious. Essie is definitely the girl next door beauty guru.

MsGoldgirl. I love MsGoldgirl because she’s just a couple of years older than me and tailors her makeup to her age range. When you get near and into your 40’s, heavy eye makeup and makeup in general doesn’t always look good. Sometimes it makes you look older. She is a lot of fun to watch and gives great advice on products. She too has a vlog that is super fun to watch.

This is just 6 out of  the 78 beauty gurus that I watch, but they are by far my favorites. I’m always eagerly waiting for their new videos and follow their advice a lot.

Do you watch beauty videos? If so, do you have favorites? I encourage you to check these ladies out. They are THE beauty experts for the everyday lady, in my mind.







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