My Top 5 Favorite Eye Palettes (high end)

top 5 favorite eye palettes high end

Hello! I’m bringing back the beauty posts. I’m thinking that once a week it would be fun to discuss makeup. You know I love my makeup. I’m definitely not a professional, although I have taken a few makeup classes, but I do know my products.

This week I’m going to share my favorite high-end eye palettes. I will admit that I have by far more high end makeup than drugstore, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like drugstore makeup. Next week I’m going to share my favorite drugstore mascaras.

I have an obsession with eye palettes and have a few more in my collection that I’m not sharing today. They are so versatile and it’s fun to play with different eye looks.

Let’s get started!

naked basics

Urban Decay Naked Basics – Sephora for $29

This one is the cheapest of the 5 and is perfect for everybody. It’s a nice palette of neutral shades that would look great on any person. These are very pigmented and have great staying power.

naked 3

Urban Decay Naked 3 – Sephora for $54

This is another great palette from Urban Decay. The Naked collections have quite a cult following and I’ve just now jumped on the band wagon by buying the third one. I do not have the 1st or 2nd Naked palette. I love the rose toned colors in this one. It also has a great mixture of matte and shimmery shades.

marc jacobs eye palette

Marc Jacobs Beauty  Style Eye-Con No.7 – Plush Shadow – Sephora for $59 -The Tease

This is my most expensive makeup in my collection and totally worth it. The purple colors are so beautiful. They are pigmented, long-lasting and feel like velvet. Just stunning. They come in various colors and I chose The Tease because of the purple. I have brown eyes and glasses and purple looks great on my eyes. Seriously, this is worth the money. One negative is there is a bit of fallout with this eye shadow when putting it on. I usually have to clean up under my eye after working with these shadows.

IT palette

IT cosmetics Naturally Pretty Vol. I Matte Luxe Transforming Eye Shadow Palette – Ulta for $42

This is a gorgeous palette. Every beautiful color you could want, a good mix of light and dark.  Shimmery and matte colors. I’m thinking this palette would be great for my wedding. They are super pigmented with little fall out.  I’m guessing and hoping there will be a volume 2.

chocolate bar

Too Faced Chocolate Bar – Sephora for $49

If you’ve heard the hype then you know that the company claims this palette smells like chocolate and they are so right. It smells heavenly. The smell is so good that it makes you almost want to eat it. Almost. The colors are really pretty and has good pigmentation as well. There is a bit of fallout when putting these on, but not as much as the Marc Jacobs palette. These colors blend well with each other and have great staying power. This would be my second choice if I had to recommend a palette. You can’t go wrong with this one.




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