Weekly Menu Plan – June 30th – July 6th

weekly menu plan

Happy Monday! Any fun plans for the upcoming holiday weekend? We don’t have any definite plans. We might go camping, we might stay home. Very indecisive, I know.

Anyway…on to this week’s dinner suggestions.

Monday –

shrimp scampi with linguine 2

Shrimp Scampi with Linguine

Tuesday –

chicken, rice and pea casserole

Chicken, Rice and Pea Casserole

Wednesday –

ratatouille with brown rice

Ratatouille with Brown Rice

Thursday –

caesar salmon salad

Caesar Salmon Salad

Friday –

garlic burger

Garlic Burgers

Saturday –

tobasco hot dogs

Tobasco Hot Dogs

Sunday –

Penne and Sausage Skillet

Penne and Sausage Skillet

Side Dish-

baked beans

Tasty Baked Beans

Dessert –

lemon mousse

Lemon Mousse




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  1. Cindy @ Hun... What's for Dinner? says:

    Your meal plan looks wonderful. I’ve bookmarked the chicken pea and rice casserole. Thank you so much for linking up to What’s for Eats!

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