Guacamole Deviled Eggs

Guacamole Deviled eggs

When I think of Easter foods I think of ham, potatoes, strawberry shortcake and deviled eggs. I don’t know why the deviled eggs, I rarely make them and I am not a big egg connoisseur.  I asked on my FB page about what you wanted to see on the blog for April and you said a different kind of deviled eggs, so I bring you Guacamole Deviled Eggs. That’s right, guacamole deviled eggs. Definitely not your average deviled egg recipe.

These eggs have a different type of creamy mixture in the center. Instead of a mash of mayo, mustard and egg yolks, you get avocado and sour cream mixed with the egg yolks. Same creamy texture, but a fun twist on the traditional flavor of deviled eggs.

When making these be sure you add salt and lime juice to the yolk mixture, it needs it. It’s very bland and dry without it. Your taste buds will determine how much salt and lime juice you add. You can also add some chopped tomato and cilantro, but I wasn’t much of a fan of it.

How To Hard boil your eggs –

In a saucepan, place six eggs in the bottom and fill the pan till the water barely covers the eggs, add a half teaspoon of salt.  Place on the stove and heat over high heat and bring to a rolling boil. Cover the pan, turn off the heat and let the eggs sit in the hot water for 15 minutes.  Drain the pan of the hot water and run the eggs under cold water. Allow the eggs to cool before peeling.  A trick to peeling eggs, run them under the running water as you peel them. The shells practically slide off.

What will you be making for Easter dinner?



Guacamole Deviled Eggs
  • 6 eggs that have been hard-boiled, peeled and sliced in half.
  • ½ avocado
  • 2 tbsp. sour cream
  • salt to taste
  • lime juice to taste
  • optional: tomato, cilantro
  1. Hard boil the eggs, allow to cool, peel them and cut them in half.
  2. Spoon out the yolks from each egg and place in a bowl.
  3. Add to the bowl the avocado and the sour cream. Mix well with the yolks.
  4. Add salt and lime juice to taste.
  5. Spoon the mixture into each egg white.
  6. Top with cilantro and tomato, if desired.


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  1. These look so good, so happy that you are the #FeaturedFoodie this week!!

  2. Hey! I emailed you details about Tasty Tuesdays over the weekend, not sure if it went into your spam folder or not, so thought I’d nudge ya! 🙂

  3. I love the idea of Guacamole Deviled Eggs! I will be trying!! Also, thanks for the tips on hard boiling an egg. I will give your technique a try…especially running them under cold water when peeling 🙂 Congrats on being a #FeaturedFoodie this week 🙂

  4. I love deviled eggs… now add guacamole? Oh my stars!

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