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I’ve gotten a few emails requesting that I share my skin care routine. So, today I’m sharing my morning routine and tomorrow I’ll post my evening routine. I want to preface this with the fact that I am not an expert  in the field of skin care, I’ve just read a lot of articles about skin care and am fanatical about taking care of my skin. These are the products that work for me and it’s important that you find what products work for you based on your skin type. My skin type is a dry version of combination skin. I have a semi-oily t-zone and fairly dry cheeks. I’ve found these products to work best, but I also change things frequently.
Before I begin discussing the products you see in the picture I do want to say that I do not wash my face in the shower. I always wash it at the sink after my shower and after I brush my teeth. I don’t know why I do that, but I do.
Facial Cleanser-
I switch between three cleansers each morning. Two that I will talk about here and one that I use in the evening and will discuss tomorrow. My main morning cleanser is by Shiseido the Ibuki gentle cleanser.  I buy it at Sephora and it’s a bit expensive, but a little bit goes a long way. This tube lasts me several months of almost daily use. This cleanser is as it says gentle, but super effective. It even gets makeup off.
The second cleanser  I use is the Garnier Clean Balancing Daily Exfoliator.  I  have found this to be a great gentle exfoliator. Perfect for daily use. I’m excited to try more of this line of products, they also have a line for oily skin as well. It’s a very affordable cleanser.
Acne Treatment-
One of the strangest things about being my age is that I get acne and am developing wrinkles. To help with acne I use this maximum strength acne medication by Up and Up. I bought it at Target, but can’t find it online. I only use a little bit when I break out. I use this under my moisturizer.
Every morning I use this refining moisturizer from Shiseido Ibuki line. It goes with the cleanser. This is a really good moisturizer for combination skin. It’s thick enough to moisturize my cheeks without making my t-zone too oily. It’s also light enough to wear under foundation which I love.
Eye Cream-
I started using eye cream at the age of 25 and haven’t stopped since. I believe it’s really important for a woman to use an eye cream, everyday. It does wonder for the fine lines that every woman gets around their eyes. For daytime, I like a lighter eye cream. I found this Korres Wild Rose Instant Brightening Eye Treatment a few years ago and I love it. My favorite eye cream, hands down.
Lip Balm-
In the morning I love to use this lip balm Fresh Sugar Lip Balm. I love, love, love this lip treatment. I have three of them. One in my bathroom, one in my purse and one in my family room. They are super moisturizing, have SPF and gives a light tint of color.
That’s it. Looks like a lot, but really only takes me about 5 minutes every morning. It’s so important to have a good skin care routine.
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  1. I’m pretty good about using all my skincare in the morning- it’s the night time routine I usually pass up- terrible, I know! Love lip balm, might have to try yours!


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