January Beauty Favorites

january beauty favorites

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Today’s post is all about beauty products. Not only do I love cooking, but makeup too. I thought it would be fun once a month to share some of my favorites. Not all of these products were bought in January, a lot were bought in November and December.                                                                                                          

Sephora and Ulta are one of my favorite stores in the world, besides a book store or a cooking store, of course.

  1. The Clarisonic Mia 1. I love, love, love this thing. My face has been the better for it. This is the most expensive item on this list, but so worth it. I got this during Sephora’s Black Friday sale for less than $100 and free shipping. I’ve been wanting one for years, so I knew this was a deal not to miss. This is not the most recent Mia, but it works just as good. I use it every night with my favorite face cleanser and my face looks clearer, has less fine lines and my pores have never looked better. Love this. Worth the money.
  2. Maybelline The Falsies Big Eyes in Black. I love mascara, it’s my favorite makeup product. But, I’m very picky about my mascaras. If it doesn’t do what it says then I will not buy it again. I’m not like that with other products, but I am with mascara. I’m lucky that I have great lashes so mascara that I love has to not clump or flake and I don’t like waterproof mascara unless I’m going to a funeral. It’s rare for me to find a drugstore mascara that I like, some would say I’m a mascara snob, but this one by Maybelline is fabulous.  It has two brushes, one for your top lashes and one for your bottom lashes. This mascara does not clump and makes my lashes look super long and I just love the brush for the lower lashes.
  3. Julep nail polish. If you follow me on Instagram than you already know that I’m a huge lover of Julep nail polish. It’s by far my favorite nail polishe in the world. They have great colors, it’s a great price and lasts for more than a day which is amazing for me. This color is called Bette and is the perfect shade of purple.
  4. EOS Lip Balm in Strawberry.  For several months I’ve been listening to Beauty YouTuber’s discuss this wonderful lip balm that looks like an egg. They said it was the best lip balm so of course I had to go find it. You can get this EOS lip balm at Target and they are right, it’s great. I like mine in strawberry, but they have other flavors too. I have one in my purse and one in my family room. It’s super moisturizing and I love the flavor.
  5. Smashbox CC Cream in Light. Last October my mom came to town and we made a girls trip to Sephora, we go every time she comes to town, and they were having a Smashbox makeup artist there giving makeovers. I’ve never had my makeup professionally done so I decided to get my makeup done and she used a CC cream on me that I love. It has great coverage without being a thick foundation. I may never go back to regular foundation. Ahh…who am I kidding. Something new will come out and I’ll have to try it.
  6. Naked 3 Palette by Urban Decay. I feel like I’m the last person to try Urban Decay’s eye shadows. They have been touted as some of the best eye shadows out there.  I decided after watching several reviews of the new Naked 3 Palette to give it a try and I love it. The colors are a good mix of light and some dark. They run on the rosy side which I like and they last forever. This palette is pricey, but a good investment if you want a nice palette with lots of options.
  7. Lush bath bombs. I am a bath girl. I love baths and will take them at any time of day. So when one of my favorite beauty Youtubers talked about Lush bath bombs I knew I had to try them. I got my first couple at Christmas and I have to say they are fabulous. They smell delicious and leave your water feeling silky. They do turn your water a different color based on the bath bomb, but that doesn’t leave a ring on your tub. If you love to take baths then you MUST try these. They will change your bath experience forever. I like to keep them in this cute basket I got from World Market in my bathroom. By the way, they make your bathroom smell heavenly.
  8. Forever Red by Bath and Body Works. At Christmas time my guy and I were doing some shopping and we stopped at Bath and Body Works where I discovered this lovely shower gel. I’ve always been a fan of their anti-bacterial foaming wash and have several different scents in my house, but I’ve not always been a fan of their shower gels. This one has changed my mind. I love the elegant smell of it without it being overpowering and kicking up my allergies. If you like perfumes, but can’t wear them due to allergies give this gel a try. Your skin will smell delicious for hours.
  9. Marvelous Moxie by Bareminerals. Lip gloss is my second favorite makeup product and I have a ton of them. More than mascara. Bareminerals has a great line of lip glosses called Marvelous Moxie. They are a nice gloss with lots of color without being super sticky. This one is called Tough Cookie. A nice shade of pink, perfect for spring.
  10. Makeup Brush. For as much makeup as I have, surprisingly, I have very few makeup brushes. I was at Walgreens the other day and found this really neat combo brush for foundation and concealer. I don’t remember the name of the company that produced it, but you can find it at Walgreens. I love this brush. The bristles are fantastic for putting on my CC cream and I use the concealer end to blend in my under eye concealer. Love it.
  11. Instant Age Rewind Eraser in Fair by Maybelline. Hands down my new favorite under eye concealer is this one. It really does erase the darkness and the fine lines. The spongy applicator makes it a breeze to apply and then I take my concealer brush and blend it in. If I can recommend you buying one product from this list, this would be it. You will love it. It’s life changing. Ok, maybe not life changing, but it you will see a difference with this product.

Wow, like I said it was going to be a long one. I hope you liked this kind of post. Let me know what your absolute favorite beauty product, I just might try it.

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  1. One of my daughter’s loves Sephora. I’ll share this post with her.

  2. I love mascara too 🙂 EOS lip balm rocks my socks!

  3. I have yet to try a bath bomb- but they look SO amazing!

    xx Kait

  4. I’m not a big make up wearer, but I love some good mascara. We also love the EOS lip balm. It looks like you have a good list here.

  5. I’ve been wanting a Clairisonic for a good while. Thanks for the mascara tip. I’m always looking for a great one.

  6. I am super picky about my mascara too (and it is also my favorite, and most go-to must-have, makeup), but I haven’t tried that kind. I guess I’ll have to soon!

  7. So,e great products and a few I need to try.

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