Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas from Pinterest

Thanksgiving leftovers


I love leftovers from Thanksgiving. I’m super sad we won’t have any this year, but there will always be next year. I don’t get super creative with my leftovers, I generally just eat them as is or make a sandwich. So, I thought I would search around Pinterest and see what other fabulous cooks are doing with their leftovers.

Here’s what I found. Click on their links to go to their blogs to see the yumminess( I think I’m making up words again).

This looks really intriguing and delicious. Never thought of making nachos with leftovers.

I love stuffed peppers and this looks like a great way use up leftovers.

Nothing better than a Monte Cristo sandwich.

These sliders look fantastic. I love the layered look of the leftovers.

I love Shepherd’s Pie and this one using Thanksgiving leftovers is calling my name.

Turkey mashed potato hash? Yes, Please!

This is an ingenious take on a grilled cheese sandwich.

I love this snack idea for using leftover turkey.

Being a pasta lover I thought this looked very good.

Last, but not least, how about leftovers for breakfast? You can’t beat a good fritatta.

There you have it, 10 great ways to use your Thanksgiving leftovers. How do you like to eat your leftovers?

You can find all of these recipes and more great recipes on my Pinterest page.











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