July 2013 Recipe Wrap Up

July 2013 Recipe Wrap Up

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Well…It’s that time again. End of another month. Can you believe it’s the end of July. Christmas is only 5 months away! I guess I’d better get my list going. But, for today I’m going to wrap up the deliciousness that was on the blog this month.

Let’s begin with a milkshake that I shared with a blogger friend of mine in June.

healthy vanilla milkshake


Then there was my not-really-a-recipe dish, Caesar Salmon Salad.

caesar salmon salad


Next up was my favorite burger, Garlic Burgers. Love these…

garlic burger


Lastly, I shared my version of Tasty Baked Beans.

baked beans


Doing these monthly wrap ups makes me want to go make all these dishes again.


~ J



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  1. As always, everything looks awesome!

  2. All delicious sounding recipes that I definitely want to try! 🙂