Candy Coated Pretzels

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Happy Friday!

Do you ever have days that just fly-by, and you have no idea what happened to them?

I’ve had that kind of week. We got a new dog on Wednesday and before I knew it it was Friday and I hadn’t posted anything for two days.

So sorry…

Dogs are much like children, they need lots of attention and are so fun to play with. Speaking of dog…it’s taken me a half hour to type this because he wants to lay his head on my keyboard.

Today’s recipe is very easy and one that my mother made every Christmas for many years. I love to make these and eat them all. Very addicting.

Some call them candy coated pretzels or chocolate covered pretzels, either way they are super easy to make and really fun to make with  kids.

chocolate pretzels


Candy Coated Pretzels

Ingredients –


Almond bark or candy coating. I used vanilla and chocolate


Directions –

Melt candy coating in microwave, about 30 seconds at a time, stirring in between

Once melted, dip pretzels in the candy coating and then lay on parchment paper

Sprinkle sprinkles over each one

Let harden and then store in an air-tight container

Super easy and kids will love it.

Don’t forget my giveaway going on now. You all have such great comments about which kitchen items you can’t live without. A few I don’t have and may have to get.






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  1. I made two batches of these this year.eek!

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