Christmas Planner

cover page xmas planner

Christmas is two weeks from today…are you ready? Have you mailed out your Christmas cards or are you still looking for addresses? Did you make a list of things you would like for your significant other and then they lost it? Have you bought all your gifts?

Have you said yes to any of the above questions? If so, then I have the organizational tool for you.

The Blog Guidebook,, has a great Christmas planner that will put everything you need to finish up Christmas at your fingertips.

cardlistxmas planner

I hole-punched mine and put it in my blog binder, and it has been a great resource for me this holiday season. It has a calendar in it, a card list, a stuffers list, shopping lists, cute Christmas tags and so much more.

gift guide xmas planner

Be sure to check it out here,, and get yourself organized for Christmas.





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